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Premier Carpet Cleaning

23rd August 2017

Fantastic local upholstery cleaning serivce that I highly reccomend. In two short hours my carpets looked and smelt as good as new.

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Hertfordshire Building - St Albans

20th May 2015

My relatives recently had an extension finished in their home in St Albans, they was so pleased with their builders, and grew quite fond of them.

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LVL lash lifts Stevenage

10th February 2015

After specialising in individual eyelash extensions for the last 5 years more recently I've been hearing about the new treatment on the block LVL lash lifts.

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Why use a professional and qualified nail technician

5th September 2014

It seems to be becoming more and more popular for women to gel their nails themselves at home, with places like Boots selling gel kits and Amazon selling cheap gels online.

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Eyelash extensions before and after

21st June 2014

I recently done a new set of individual eyelash extensions on my sister ready for our holidays this month. Chloe is blessed with naturally gorgeous eyelashes (as you can see) but is obsessed with her eyelash extensions, she loves the look and the ease of them in the mornings!

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Summer holiday eyelash extensions in Hertfordshire

26th June 2014

With summer coming I have been getting very busy! Everyone is wanting fresh new eyelash extensions for there sunshine breaks.

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Summer is here and so are summer nails!

12th June 2014

I'm so excited that summer is here, the days are warmer, longer and gel nails are getting brighter!

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Mobile or salon based waxing in Stevenage

26th Mar 2014

Recently I attented a professional course and received a recognised qualification in waxing. I'm happy to say that I am now offering a range of hair removal treatments which I can provide mobile or from my salon in Stevenage.

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Cluster Lashes / party lashes, now available!

28th Feb 2014

If you're looking for a bit of extra glam for a night out, or want to look that extra bit gorgeous for a weekend away but at an affordable price, cluster eyelashes are what you're looking for.

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Gel nail art design with contrasting designs

13th Jan 2014

Bored on a sunday afternoon, I decided to treat my younger sister Chloe to some nail art in my gel nail and eyelash extension salon in Stevenage, this is the result of a fun afternoon of sister bonding.

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Nail art in my Stevenage salon

7th Jan 2014

I'm constantly looking through picture's online for the latest Nail art techniques and trends, I love looking at what Nail art can be done with gel such as Gelish and Bio Sculpture and also what clients are wanting on their nails.

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Gel nail art for christmas parties

4th Dec 2013

Christmas season is in full swing and so for alot of my clients looking good for their work christmas party and for xmas is high in their mind. I've been having great fun thinking up new and creative nail art and colour designs to match outfits, decorations and all sorts.

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My newly decorated nail & eyelash extension salon in Stevenage

16th Oct 2013

Recently we have been redecorating my Home based salon in Stevenage, it was finally completed about a week ago and I love it.

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Nails in Stevenage

26th Sept 2013

My home salon is based in Steveange where I offer gel nails and eyelash extensions, I also travel mobile to visit my clients in their homes, at work or even in hotels! This client was extemely fussy and wanted somethign special for her holiday to Mexico.

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Shellac nail technician Stevenage

16th Sept 2013

Always looking for more clients from my home town Stevenage. I've got plenty of customers that travel to visit me in my home salon, however typically clients are more reliable and happier when they are visiting a salon that is close to them. Less travel time = happier clients = more reliable returning clients in my book.

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Semi-permanent eyelash extensions Hertford

14th Sept 2013

Hertford is a town that I'm more familiar with when going on a night out. It has many bars and clubs that I frequent from time to time and every time I have ventured to Hertford I have had a great time. With such a great night life I am willing to bet a number of young ladies are interested in having eyelash extensions for that big night out.

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Nail technician in Hitchin

13th Sept 2013

My fantastic clients have been very kind in helping me get my business going, many of them go out of their way to help promote my business, not only do they help promote me on Facebook but they write testimonials for me! Some very special clients make a video testimonial for me, which gives an extra special bit of convincing power for potential new clients of mine!

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Shellac gel nail technician in Welwyn Garden City

12th Sept 2013

Welwyn Garden City is one of the closest towns/cities to my home salon in Stevenage and I have a few mobile clients there. I provide both a mobile and salon based service, when I travel to my clients I charge a small amount more to cover my costs and travel time. I've got some clients from Welwyn Garden City which prefer to travel to me and others me to them.

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Shellac manicure in St Albans

9th Sept 2013

Shellac has come out of seemingly no where as perhaps now the most popular gel nail brand in the market. Shellac have pushed their product very hard and now a large percentage of my website customers are searching and asking for Shellac as a brand. Trying to stay ahead of the trends I have attended further training in the Shellac product

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Nail & Eyelash beauty therapist in Hatfield

8th Sept 2013

My home town of Stevenage is right on the A1M whcih makes it easily commutable for my mobile work for many of the larger towns and cities in the Area. Hatfield is only a few stops down the motorway and has a wide and diverse population base thanks to the university.

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Facebook page for a beautician

7th Sept 2013

I've had a facebook page now for a few months and I'm currently up to 163 likes! Facebook business pages are a great way for your customers to stay in contact with you and keep up to date with the latest trends and any special offers.

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Bio Sculpture colour range

25th April 2013

Bio Sculpture have a large range of nail gel colours including solids, glitters, gloss and matt colours. They all have rather quirky names and it is a bit of a laugh reading them, well I like to think so.

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Gelish colour range

20th April 2013

One of the reasons I choose Gelish as my preferred nail gel is that it offers the largest choice of colours of all the leading nail gel brands. The product is also reliable and when the nail bed is prepared correctly can last for over three weeks.

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Gelish UV nail gel versus Shellac

14th April 2013

There are many gel products on the market and with so many it's hard to know what to choose, here I explain the differences between these two similar uv nail gels and why I prefer Gelish for my clients.

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