If you're looking for a bit of extra glam for a night out, or want to look that extra bit gorgeous for a weekend away but at an affordable price, cluster eyelashes are what you're looking for.

Although individual eyelash extensions are the best around, they do come at a price as not only are they an expensive product to buy for the technician they are also a time consuming treatment.

Cluster lashes are usually applied within 15-20 minutes and would last you between 3-7 days.

They are the perfect alternative to strip lashes, they create a glam but more natural look and won't fall off at the corners in the middle of your night. You also you won't need the stress of applying them for your big night out... I would have already done them for you.

Please contact me if you'd like to treat yourself to a cluster lash treatment?

Cluster Lashes / party lashes, now available!