I recently done a new set of individual eyelash extensions on my sister ready for our holidays this month. Chloe is blessed with naturally gorgeous eyelashes (as you can see) but is obsessed with her eyelash extensions, she loves the look and the ease of them in the mornings! The lashes I used below are B curl lashes, in two different thicknesses- 0.20mm and 0.25 and lengths ranging from 9mm-13mm.

I tend to use 5+ lengths at a time, whereas most eyelash technicians select 2-3 lengths per set, I do this because I like to structure the shape of the lashes and really define the eyes. I also like the fact it gives me more control, I can use the correct lash for my clients natural lashes, so they aren't too heavy or damaging on the eyelashes.

I have been doing individual eyelash extensions in and around Stevenage, Hertfordshire for 4 years and can always create a look that you want and makes you feel good!

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With love,

Eyelash extensions before and after