After specialising in individual eyelash extensions for the last 5 years more recently I've been hearing about the new treatment on the block LVL lash lifts. This is to treat your natural lashes, so no maintenance required. It enhances your natural lashes by lifting and tinting them.

Traditionally many women used to get their lashes permed however LVL lash lifts do the opposite and straighten the lashes (but upright) which actually adds length. If you imagine a curled lash would look like this C and a straight lash would look like this I the straighter lash is longer. The natural lashes are then tinted to make them darker and more noticeable. The results really are something special and the LVL lash lifts last between 6-8 weeks. Some women don't even wear mascara after having this treatment.

I'm yet to train in them but I love my eyelash treatments and this is something I'm hoping to add to my portfolio in the new year. If you live in the Stevenage area and are interested in this treatment please get in contact. I would be able to treat you in your home or my home salon in Stevenage.

LVL lash lifts Stevenage