As a self employed beautician specializing in gel nails & eyelash extensions a Facebook page is an ideal way to stay in touch with your clients. Cold calling, texting & emailing are seen as spam and obtrusive and can turn alot of people off. Having a presence in something that most people use every day is seen as a nice gentle way to sell to people.

Personally I find it very important not to update my Facebook page with endless un interesting posts, and save posting for really special bits of news that I feel my customers will genuinely be interested in. Things such as special offers & discounts along with photos of highly creative nail finished that I have done inspire my customers and encourage them to share.

Currently I have 163 followers and I have my sights on toppling 200, every week I gain a few more, and I feel to a degree the more likers I have the more I'm going to get. Please like my facebook page so that you can benefit from my weekly posts that I put alot of care in to be interesting and not turn my audience off!

Facebook page for a beautician