I'm constantly looking through picture's online for the latest Nail art techniques and trends, I love looking at what Nail art can be done with gel such as Gelish and Bio Sculpture and also what clients are wanting on their nails.

Nail's really do come and go in fashion, years ago it was all about the long fake acyclic nails whereas nowadays I would say its a lot more on trend to have a well manicured natural nail and gel nails are definitely becoming more and more popular because of this.

I do a lot with glitters and gem's, I also stock svwarski's crystals and do feature nails (one a different colour, or glitter on one nail) but I'm excited to experiment more with nail art as I've noticed recently clients are into the more complex designs or different designs/colours on each nail.

With the Christmas rush over I'm hoping to have some more time to practice some new designs in my home based salon in Stevenage, I will post new photo's of my Gel nails on my Facebook page and keep my website updated with any new designs.

Attached are some photo's I'm keen to try. Watch this space!

Nail art in my Stevenage salon

Nail art salon Stevenage