Welwyn Garden city is a lovely town local to my home town of Stevenage. It has a nice little town centre with everything you need and lots of nice leafy suburbs with not much going on! Travelling there takes next to no time so I'm happy to take on more clients for gel nails in Welwyn Garden City. I'm fully qualified and insured to provide Shellac & Gelish gel nails, and I'd love to take on more mobile clients in the WGC area.

Alongside my nail work I do eyelash extensions, these are very popular and it involves applying individual semi permanent eyelashes onto your existing ones. They look very natural and last for several weeks, you'll find that you don't even need to apply mascara so it will save you time as well! I'm happy to travel to clients for eyelash extensions in Welwyn Garden City as well.

I've also got a home salon, and offer a small discount for clients travelling to me. It's soon to refurbished so please look out for photos on my website soon!

Shellac gel nail technician in Welwyn Garden City