Always looking for more clients from my home town Stevenage. I've got plenty of customers that travel to visit me in my home salon, however typically clients are more reliable and happier when they are visiting a salon that is close to them. Less travel time = happier clients = more reliable returning clients in my opinion, I know I'm alot happier and relaxed when my travel time to places is minimized.

Here is just a few of the advantages of visiting a home based beautician local to you, as opposed to visiting a commerical salon in your town.

  • Their is less costs to run the salon, this saving is passed on to you in the treatment cost.
  • Travel time is minimized, because you are visiting a local town there is no need to travel to busy city centres
  • Home salons in general and definately mine have plenty of on street parking, which saves you time stress and money
  • Many of the best beauticians are not willing to earn the minimal wages paid in a high street salon. Certaintly the better beauticians are working mobile or from home as they can earn better money whilst bringing the costs down for their clients. Basically you are both cutting out the middle man.
  • Home salons are more private and there is typically less people around

My home salon in Stevenage is soon to get refurbished so it will be an even more pleasent place to have your nails or eyelashes treated. If you are interested in treating your nails to a shellac manicure in Stevenage then please get in touch to book an appointment in my home salon.

Shellac nail technician Stevenage