I'm so excited that summer is here, the days are warmer, longer and gel nails are getting brighter!

I've recently visited my auntie and uncle in Florida and whilst I was there managed to visit a sally's and stocked up on 10 new mini gelish colours! My clients have been very excited and don't know which one to choose first J

Whilst in the winter I'm a fan of the dark shades and nudes, I am loving going brighter and bolder with my nails. Recently I've been wearing my new 'Lime all the time' Gelish but I'm now due a change (fingers and toes) and am thinking of using my newest pink- 'Make you blink pink'.

I've also been gelling lots of toes recently and everyone's got their feet out in their summer sandals. Gel nail overlays are great for toes, get them done once and they'd last you nearly the whole summer!

I can also bling them up with nail art, gems, lose glitter, polka dots, and Swarovski crystals!

Appointments are available in my Stevenage home based salon, for Gelish and Bio sculpture nail overlays or mobile, in the surrounding Stevenage area's.

You can also take a look at my Facebook page for my latest nail updates.


Summer is here and so are summer nails!