Why use a professional and qualified nail technician

It seems to be becoming more and more popular for women to gel their nails themselves at home, with places like Boots selling gel kits and Amazon selling cheap gels online.

Whilst I know for years ladies have been painting and manicuring their nails with polish themselves at home, Gel and UV Gel polish is different to nail varnish and there are procedures and precautions that should be taken when using a UV/LED gel product.

Recently, one of my friends has suffered a severe reaction to the gel polish she has been using and applying herself at home (after getting a gel kit for Christmas) This resulted in scabs/sores around each of her nails, bleeding, some of her nails lifting off the nail bed and tenderness on each nail. She has been wearing plasters for the last two weeks to try and protect her nails and the skin around them whilst they heal.

Whilst I feel very sorry for her, and completely understand why women would want to do their nails themselves at home, it seems cheaper and women find it enjoyable/rewarding. THERE is a reason why nail technicians attend training courses, receive qualifications and are insured. Its because they know what they're doing, they are experts in their field, they know they're product, how to get the best out of it, how to make their clients nails look good and how to work in a safe and healthy environment, ensuring their clients nails remain strong, healthy and clear of infections.

Improper use of Gel, such as under curing, not sanitizing the nail, properly preparing the nail for gel application, using cheap & non-salon professional gel, not using the correct wattage lamp, or the correct lamp for the product can all cause issues for the persons nails.

Allergic reactions can happen to anyone and can occur at anytime, even if you have been using a product for some time. But nail infections can be prevented by visiting a trained, qualified and insured nail technician.

Stay Nail healthy ladies,

Why use a professional and qualified nail technician