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My name is Helen Ellis, I'm a fully qualified and insured gel nail technician working in the Hertford, Hertfordshire area.

Gel applied to your fingers or toes cost £25 whether you visit my salon in Stevenage or I travel to treat your nails. I offer a £5 discount if you book both your fingers and toes for the same appointment.

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Nail treatments by experienced nail technicians ensures the luxury finish will last for three weeks. Gel can be used to repair damaged nails or to allow the nails to grow by strengthening and protecting the nail from damage.

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Gel nail overlay treatments (where gel is applied to a bare prepared nail) typically take me an hour to complete, and will last you about 3 weeks. Depending on how fast your nails grow, after the three weeks you will have a small gap between your cuticle and the application. At this point you can have a gel nail infill treatment, which involves preparing the nail (but not removing the existing gel completely) and applying another coat of UV gel.

Your nail length can also be extended with an gel nail extension treatment to give a unique stylish look. Here your nail is prepared and a strong plastic nail extension at a length of your choice is applied to your nail before being overlayed with UV gel nail polish.

For any of my treatments you can choose between an application of clear gel, coloured gel or french gel applied onto a prepared nail. Any treatment leaves a shiny, flexible, durable protection and give a neat, well groomed appearance to either your finger or toe nails. You can choose from range of different coloured UV gels from Gelish, Shellac, Bio Sculpture and Minx. To avoid disappointment please check that I have the brand/colour combination that you are looking for.

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Always professional and makes sure you get what u asked for and to a high quality. Highly recommended

Michelle Langley, Stevenage.

Frequently asked questions about gel nails

Why choose Gel nails?

Gel nails are super glossy durable and look more natural than other types of cosmetic nails. They won't damage your natural nails as there is no need for filing your nail surface before application and the gels are removed by being soaked off in acetone, therefore protecting your natural nail.

How long do Gel nails usually last?

Gel nails usually last around two-three weeks, where at this point your gels would have grown out slightly with your natural nail. You can then choose to either infill your gels, or if you fancy a colour change have a new set.

How long do Gel nails take to apply?

Gel nail overlays, where a gel polish is applied to your natural nails, take around an hour to complete. Gel nail extensions, where an extension is placed onto your natural nail and gel is built up over the top normally take around an hour and a half to complete.

How do you remove Gel nails?

Gelish my product of choice is removed by soaking in acetone. A cotton pad soaked in acetone is placed on your nail and wrapped in foil. This is then left to soak for 10- 15 minutes and once removed is easily rubbed off the nail, not requiring the use of files and therefore protecting your natural nail.

What to expect when I visit you..

You won't need to prepare anything prior to my arrival, I will bring everything with me and set up/pack away within a matter of minutes. All I need is a place for us both to sit and rest your hands (the dining table is perfect) and access to a plug socket for my UV Lamp.

Alternatively you can visit me in my home-based salon in Stevenage, discounted prices are available if you choose to come to me.

How much do you charge?

Prices for each of my treatments are clearly displayed on each of my treatment pages. If you are on a computer then they will appear in the top right hand corner, on a mobile phone you will need to scroll down the page a little to find the prices. I offer a discount if you visit me in my home based salon in Stevenage.