Spray tanning in Flitwick

Spray tanning is a safe way to achieve a radiant glow that you can only usually achieve on holiday! Spray tans don't involve spending along time under the sun or on a sun bed, which has been shown to damage and age your skin.

I'm fully qualified and insured to apply spray tan, and use the Sienna-x spray tan which I have found to give the best results for my clients.

Contact me to book a spray tan treatment in the comfort of your own home. Im happy to travel to the Flitwick, Bedfordshire area to treat you. My price for a full body spray tan is £20.

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Before and after of spray tan

Spray tanning example

Spray tans are suitable for everyone, both male and female! Even those who do not tan well in the sun can enjoy a gorgeous sun kissed look!

When we meet for your spray tan treatment, we will discuss your requirements - your skin type, coverage and how deep your want your tan. Spray tanning is not suitable for those with breathing problems or if you are within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Spray tans typically last between 5 & 7 days, but this depends on your skin and your lifestyle. Preparing your skin before and proper care after your spray tan treatment will prolong the life of your tan, please continue reading below for more information.

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Angie Welling, Tewin.